Rebuilding After Disasters

  1. Through our partner agencies and Connecticut's Long Term Recovery groups, over $1 million has been spent assisting residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy. 
  2. CT Rises is providing professional fianncial and legal help to residents impacted by the disaster.
  3. CT Rises continues to advocate with Federal, State and local representatives on behalf of residents. 
  4. CT Rises is building the capacity to be able to assist when the next disaster strikes. 

Volunteer in CT
Join our building professionals and help to rebuild someone's dreams.

Rebuilding after Disasters
If you have professional experience in recovery, grant writing, fundraising, or can provide a needed professional service, consider joining CT Rises.

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Recovering from a disaster is a long and heartbreaking process.  Family life is disrupted, communities are in pieces.  

The security we had is shattered.  Helping people regain 'normalcy' takes a commitment from all of us to work every day to help people and communities recover.  It takes all of us doing our best to make our communities and families whole again. 

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Our Mission 

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CT Rises is ready to provide aid and support for any Connecticut resident impacted by a disaster.

Stay in Touch
Disaster can strike at any time. Stay in touch and learn how to prepare and how you can help. And please share our mission with others. 

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We are working every day to assist Connecticut residents recover from Hurricane Sandy.  And we will be here until everyone is home again. 

Every dollar you donate goes directly to assist a Connecticut family recover from Hurricane Sandy.


Volunteers from across the country are pitching in to rebuild homes, provide legal and financial assistance; and provide mental health and spiritual care to  survivors of local disasters.

Disaster recovery and resiliency in Connecticut